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What is the primary goal of Reddit, and how it makes our life easy?

Reddit is an American based web company, and it is a social media platform that gives us the power to discuss. And vote about the videos or the content other persons have to deposit. To help people stay away from spammers, they have introduced “karma points.” In simple words, if your video has gained many hurtful and disrespectful comments, then you will be granted fewer points and vice versa.

Here are ways to submit our youtube video to Reddit

Youtube is one of the most popular web-based platforms where we can easily see, upload, or rate any video which is on that platform. Youtube is also known as a video hub of the world, as one can see the video around the world from any background or content expect porn under one roof. Youtube is the website that was started in the year 2005 and was handed over to google on a whopping 1.70 billion $, which was one of the biggest deals of that time. Therefore after handling it to google, youtube has transformed itself to another level. And makes its alternative look so small that no one even wants to have any competition on this site.

Adding on, as we all know, there are countless videos on youtube, and one can see whatever they want, but with the help of Reddit. This company makes sure that one is not violating any communities guideline or uploading any adult content. As Reddit have devlpoed  the link with the help of tubeninja  in which the uploader has to upload their video. It is a filter that inspects and makes sure that the video is only for entertainment purposes. And it does not have any adult or the content which can hurt anybody’s feelings.