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Pick the best frame to avoid scars on the nose.

There are several factors which you should take into consideration before you stop using the eyeglasses for protecting your eyes from dust. If you travel daily in the traffic facing the pollution, then using the eyeglasses is a must. It is possible that after you started using the eyeglasses you have noticed that small pimples are formed on the nose. This purely may not be because of using eyeglasses but the common understanding would be so. Well, before you conclude just give a thought if it is because of pollution and try using a scarf to cover your face too. If this does not address the concern, then see if changing the material used for the frame could address the concern.

Since, you could not buy a new frame of different material than the earlier just to test which one best fits you, you could know the type of your skin, whether it is oily or dry and then know if using a particular material could effect the respective skin types, then make a decision. However, with the cheap eyeglasses online you could buy two different frames each for a different season like winter and summer so as to address the environmental changes that might impact the level of sweating on your face.
You could buy the eyeglasses are also in double the number as you could not fix them by self when the season change. While these all could only be your assumptions, you could also get more details about such questions from the online support. One simple thing which you should not forget is the time to get an answer for your query would depend on the complexity involved. While the team has the experienced professionals still the person to person queries and health complications and concerns may vary. So, once you get all the answers you could easily identify the best frame that fits your eyes without causing any problem to your nose.